Under this folder, you can find some of the works carried out at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne during the completion of the Energy Management and Sustainability MSc. Also, some lecture notes from the courses when available. The goal is not to provide a shortcut to reproduce the works of the previous students, but to make available a reference that might be used as a starting point and as a guide of what can be done.

  • Energy Management and Sustainability MSc, first steps
  • EMS – MA1
    • Advanced Energetics (ME-451)
    • Chemical processes of sustainable and renewable energy (ChE-406)
    • Corporate strategy (MGT-400)
    • Early detection of innovation potential (MGT-500)
    • Energy storage in power systems: technologies, applications and future needs (EE-466)
    • History of globalization I (HUM-427(a))
    • Review of lignocellulosic biomass pretreatments from a biorefinery perspective (Semester Project)
  • EMS – MA2
    • Corporate governance (MGT-552)
    • Emerging renewable power (EE-480)
    • Energy conversion (ME-452)
    • History of globalization II (HUM-427(b))
    • Industry dynamics, models & trends (MGT-407)
    • Leadership & human resource management in a global context (MGT-468)
    • Renewable energy (ME-460)
  • EMS – MA3
    • Advanced solid waste treatment (ENV-500)
    • Hydropower plants: generating and pumping units (EE-456)
    • Negotiation techniques (MGT-466)
    • Operations: economics & strategy (MGT-528)
    • Sanitary engineering in developing countries (ENV-402)
    • Technology policy and the energy transition (MGT-408)
    • Water resources engineering (ENV-424)
  • EMS – MA4
    • Master thesis


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